This is Marie, a neko! Well, catgirl or whatever. Like my other followers, she can be married OR can be your house’s steward (and that needs Hearthfire DLC). She has no level cap, so, keep playing and she will get good as well.

She has high heels, and that only works because this mod takes advantage of one feature in another mod, RaceMenu and if you don’t have the mod, then her feet will clip on the ground, nothing gamebreaking. You may also get some minor clipping on the clothing itself.


  • Cateyes
  • Catears
  • Cat whiskers
  • A nice dress
  • Healing abilities
  • My custom textures

Requirements / Incompatibilities
None, since this is a standalone mod.

How to use
1. Click on the download button below and subscribe to the mod on Steam.
2. Activate via Skyrim Official Launcher, NMM or MO.
3. Find her inside Sleeping Giant Inn, in Riverwood.

Marriage questions?
Check this page here: Marriage

I recommend using these mods to maximize your experience with her.
Dynamic Follower Dialogue – DFD
Extensible Follower Framework or any follower mod that you can modify inventories or make followers learn magic spells.

Steam Download:

Non-steam Download: