From the depths of the Creation Kit 2.0, here comes Ellen! A fully custom voiced follower for Fallout 4.


Lore Info


Born in New Vegas, Ellen, a self-titled cartographer, has been in several places in America and managed to survive all of them despite all odds. After a minor stop on the Capital Wasteland, she finds out that the Commonwealth was still standing (mostly) intact. She went to Diamond City to get help from people on her maps, and manages to convince the Sole Survivor to help her, taking her into his/her journeys on the Commonwealth. She has seen many things and will talk about them.


General Info


Ellen is my first attempt on a custom voiced follower, and unlike other mods (at the time of this release), it’s completely made from scratch, including dialogue, lines and some other things I can’t remember. She herself has over a 1200+ lines of recorded dialogue. But that’s not all! All the player character dialogue is voiced too! No more boring conversations! Totalizing 1601 lines of dialogue.

The idea of making her was to be less of a mod and more like a DLC companion, that can be integrated to the game with no problems, that means that she will occupy a slot on the Companion system. This is not an oversight.

She is voiced by the super talented and amazing potasticpanda. You may know her from Recorder – the Skyrim follower mod. But unlike Recorder, Ellen is a much more serious person.

This mod has no requirements. Really! You only need to get Ellen and you’re done! No other mods to download.

Don’t own the DLCs? No problem! Ellen will continue to work! You have all the DLCs or one, or two? No problem! Ellen will continue to work as well! It just works!

I’ll continue to update Ellen with more lines as I learn more about the Creation Kit and how to get DLC locations via script.

She can be found inside Dugout Inn, in Diamond City.

These are her SPECIAL stats, if you’re wandering:

STR – 9
PER – 6
END – 8
CHA – 5
INT – 8
AGI – 8
LCK – 6

Note: This mod contains my own views on the Fallout series and may not please everyone. Expect some continuity cavalcades and tons of references, also some jokes about games and some jabs here and there.




Need a handy list of features? Well, there you go.

  • Full Affinity support, including all the DLCs;
  • Random Idle Dialogue and Commentary;
  • All the standard Follower commands (Wait, Follow, Trade, Power Armor, etc);
  • Custom Personal Quest
  • Romance option
  • Includes a companion perk, the return of a classic, the ‘Explorer’ perk


Installation / Uninstallation

Check the download buttons below for Install and Uninstall the mod.

Currently known issues


  • Her perk has no custom icon on the Pipboy: Since I’m not an Autodesk/SWF artist, I didn’t create one for it.
  • No dialogue for other followers when changing to Ellen or from Ellen, minus Dogmeat: All the lines are assigned directly to the vanilla followers.




Ellen edits the location of Diamond City, Dugout Inn, and Quincy Ruins, including the Quincy PD cell. Any mods that alter those places may be incompatible.






Please do not reupload this mod without my permission on anywhere else.
If you want to translate this mod, please contact me, so I can upload it here, no duplicates are necessary for it.
You are free to mod this mod (ha!), but make sure to make it a requirement.


Download links


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