Copyleft? What?

Yes, that’s right, a damn copyleft (not right) page. Well, hey, I hate EULAs as much as anyone else, so I’ll keep this short.


“Someone is using my follower’s face on the internet!”

I honestly couldn’t care less if they did that, I mean, it’s pretty easy to do it. If you have RaceMenu, you can import the face, if you extract the face mesh from the BSA or from the folder structure… oops! I guess I jinxed!


“Someone has released your follower with another name!”

I make no claims nor ownership on what I did, I used programs from other people to achieve my goal, which means, this mod is also theirs. In theory. AKA, ECE and Racemenu creators “owns” all follower mods, and Bethesda “owns” all mods period.


Does that mean you won’t anything about the mod theft?

Only if they try to charge money for having it. According to Bethesda, ALL mods are supposed to be free, if someone “steals” my mod and upload it again with a different name, people will probably notify me at some point and I’ll ask them to remove it or, at the very least, put my name in the credits.


That means you support piracy!

Actually, quite the contrary, however, throwing tantrums over this won’t solve it. Doing DMCAs against modders won’t solve it. Removing all the mods from the Internet won’t solve it. Try to copyright things you can’t copyright won’t solve it. The only way to solve this sort of behavior is to us (humanity) improve as a society, and since I don’t see that happening anything soon, things like mod theft will continue to exist.


Too Long; Didn’t Read

My mods are free to use, free to download, and free to distribute. Just make sure you give proper credit. I won’t throw tantrums or remove my mods and make them private. The Streisand effect only gets bigger if I did that.